Pizza Hut Organizational Values

The Company places the following 4 values as the foundation in managing the organization, and in building relationships with customers, business partners and shareholders.



Integrity The Company maintains integrity in thoughts and deeds, and remains trustworthy, honorable and professional in all dealings with business partners, customers, and suppliers



Excellence The Company performs its work beyond the call of duty, performs more than expected by others. The Company strives for improvement and is thorough in all matters. The Company performs its duties willingly and faces all challenges to achieve the highest standards 


Organizational Growth

Business Growth The Company will develop and benefit by being the best ‘Casual Dining Restaurant.’ The Company strives to improve its competencies and knowledge by sharing skills and learning together with its business partners to allow the Company to grow together, both at individual and organizational level



Profit The Company gives its best effort to generate profit to shareholders through monitoring and improvement of sales.