Budi Setiawan

Director of Development

Born in Sukabumi on March 21, 1964, Mr. Setiawan earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Design Architecture from Arizona State University, United States in 1988. Mr. Setiawan has been working for the Company since 1999 when he served as its Chief Development Officer until 2004. He became Commissioner from 2004-2008 and has been a Director since 2008. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Setiawan worked at various entities such as PT Ratu Sayang (1989-1990), PT Bimantara Eka Sentosa (1990), PT Pakuwon Subentra Anggreini (1990-1993), PT Lippoland (1993-1996), and PT DTZ Debenindo (1996-1999).