The Company established an Audit Committee in accordance with the provisions of prevailing laws and regulations pursuant to the Decision Letter of the Board of Commissioners No. 005/SK-DIR/III/2018 on the Establishment of the Audit Committee of PT Sarimelati Kencana Tbk dated March 15, 2018, and Annex to the Resolution of the Board of Commissioners No. 005/SK-DIR/III/2018 dated March 15, 2018, on the Establishment of the Audit Committee Charter of PT Sarimelati Kencana Tbk issued on the same date, with the following composition:


Chairman      : Ito Warsito

Member        : Herryono Soetarko

Member        : R. Eulis Sartika


Herryono Soetarko
● Indonesian Citizen
● 59 years old
● Professional experience:
  1. 1986 – 1987 J, Tanadi & Co (Registered Public Accountants)
  2. 1988 – 2002 Andersen – Prasetio Utomo (Registered Public Accountants)
  3. 2002 – 2007 Ernst & Young – Prasetio, Sarwoko & Sandjaja (Registered Public Accountants)
  4. 2010 – Present PT Finansa Artha Persada/Consultant, Drs Sudin & Rekan (Registered Public Accountants)
R. Eulis Sartika
● Indonesian Citizen
● 55 years old
● Professional experience:
  1. 1987 – 1992 Drs. Prasetyo, Utomo & Co (Arthur Andersen & Co)
  2. 1992 – 1995 SGV & Co Philippines – Indonesian Government Accounting
  3. 1995 – 1997 Part Time Consultant
  4. 1996 – 1998 PT Reksadaya Bina Pratama
  5. 1998 – 2001 PT Be Beautiful Utama
  6. 2001 – 2002 ICRAF SEA (International Centre For Research In Agroforestry South East Asia)
  7. 2000 – 2008 PT Galuh Rahayu
  8. 2003 – 2010 Registered Public Accountant ILYA AVIANTI & Partners
  9. 2008 – 2017 PT Hotel Panghegar
  10. 2016 – Present Registered Public Accountant ROEBIANDINI & Partners

The Audit Committee has established the Audit Committee Charter that serves as a working guideline to the Audit Committee, which refers and conforms to FSAR No. 55. The Charter was approved by the Company's Board of Commissioners on March 15, 2018, by signing the Audit Committee Charter. The term of office of the Audit Committee's members shall be no longer than the term of office of the Board of Commissioners as stipulated in the Articles of Association, and such members may be reappointed only for 1 (one) period thereafter. The Audit Committee’s term of office commenced on March 15, 2018, until the closing of the third Annual GMS thereafter.


The duties and responsibilities of the Audit Committee in accordance with the Audit Committee Charter that has been prepared and ratified by the Decision of the Company's Board of Commissioners are as follows: 

  1. provide assurance about the integrity of the Company’s financial statements, and review the appropriateness of accounting policies, requirements, disclosures, projections and drafts of financial statements and other sensitive materials before such materials are published;
  2. ensure the compliance of the Company’s activities with the prevailing laws, regulations, and standards. the Board of Directors and management may also consult with the Audit Committee in designing and establishing business conduct codes and guidelines;
  3. provide independent opinion and recommendation to the Board of Commissioners with respect to the appointment, remuneration, scope of work, cost and independence requirements of external auditor, public accountant, or other provider of assurance services;
  4. review the performance of internal and external auditors, monitor annual audit plan of internal auditors and the follow-up action plan of the Board of Directors with respect to audit findings and recommendations;
  5. review the conformity of the Company’s risk strategies and profile with the implementation of risk management procedures and activities by the management;
  6. review and provide recommendations related to the effectiveness and efficiency of the Company’s internal control procedures and systems;
  7. review and approve the policies, processes, and frameworks to identify, review, analyze and manage/follow-up material complaints (including whistleblowing) and the respective resolutions;
  8. review and provide advices to the Board of Commissioners related to potential conflicts of interest in the Company;
  9. resolve disputes among management, external and internal auditors, if any;
  10. maintain the confidentiality of all corporate documents and data; and
  11. perform other relevant duties assigned by the Board of Commissioners.

However, audit planning and implementation or the determination that the Company's financial statements and disclosures are complete, accurate and fairly presented shall not be the responsibility of the Audit Committee but the responsibility of the management or auditor.