Hadian Iswara

President Commissioner

Born in Cirebon on December 3, 1963, Mr. Iswara earned his Bachelor's Degree in Economy, majoring in Accounting from Padjadjaran University, Bandung in 1987. Mr. Iswara started his career at Prasetyo, Utomo & Partners as a Senior Auditor (1987-1991), PT Price Waterhouse Sutanto as Assistant Manager (1992-1994), PT Astra International Tbk as Senior Manager (1994-1998), PT Ernst & Young Advisory Services as Senior Manager (1998-2006) and PT Bisma Dharma Kencana as Finance Director (2006-present). His career in Siboga Group began with PT Sriboga Raturaya as a Senior Manager (2006-2014), PT Sriboga Marugame Indonesia as Commissioner (2013-2016), PT IPMI International Indonesia as President Commissioner (2015-2017), PT Sriboga Boat Noodle as Commissioner (2016-2017), PT Sriboga Raturaya as Director (2014-present) and finally as President Commissioner of the Company (2018-present).