Emireza Mohammad Arifin, Citizen of the Republic of Indonesia, is holding Bachelor of Science in Finance and Investment from the Johnson and Wales University in 2011. 

Emireza worked several positions in the banking sector. Started his career as a Junior Equity Trader in Asia’s largest brokerage firm in 2011. Then, graduated from Corporate Banking Developement Program : Management Trainee Program specifically design for Corporate Banking Group in a multinational bank in Jakarta. Held position as a  Relationship Manager for Lending Division in Corporate Banking Group. Last position held in 2017 at the banking sector was AVP Credit Reviewer for Corporate Banking Group. In 2018, he continued his career in the real sector as Head of Business Development to PT Dani Prisma Mitra.


Currently, he works on several positions as Commissioner at PT Tribandhawa Binasarana, Director at PT Yummy Food Utama, and Director at PT Dani Prisma Mitra.